Thursday, September 24, 2015

"The Clash"

The enemy is furious with the generations of people that are being awoken from their spiritual sleep. An army is rising up and he can foresee his kingdom crumbling. He will trick and cheat the sons and daughters of heaven out of their identity, out of yielding their swords. He will banter lies over them that attempt to cripple what their Father has claimed them to be. Created for fiery boldness he mocks them into shallow graves where they morn what they believe they are not and eat dust as though they are nothing more. Where have these children of Hosanna hid? Behind lies and apathy that tries to scream, " Does He listen?" They are rising with a shout their own screaming, "There is victory in the on who truly knows death; He defeated it." He rose, He is raising them now into a generation that knows, knows how to battle, how to fight, how to follow their King. They won't be defeated. Silence will not win for there is a song rising, a song declaring the glory of their King. A King whom can't be silenced.

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