Monday, September 16, 2013

One Year

I am amazed at what can happen in just one year.

Yesterday I moved into my new home here on the YWAM Montana base. I began to realize that it was EXACTLY (down to the day) a year ago that I moved onto the YWAM Montana base to begin my Discipleship Training School. Now, one year later, here I am once again this time staffing the school that changed so much in my life.

A year ago, I never thought I would be calling this place my "permanent" home. Now, well, things have changed; this base has become dear to my heart! It isn't the building and land that I love but the hearts of those who live here. There is always encouragement, prayer or friend just around the corner. There is a common goal in the hearts of each staff and student, that goal is JESUS; seeing God move in hearts of the lost and walking out the great commission. There is a mindset in the air that says yes to what God is doing and gives fear and anxiety no place. There is a passion that is contagious; and our hope is that the world will catch it.

A year ago, I never thought I would be putting my occupation to "missionary". THAT is a testament to God moving, I have one life and my desire is to live it for the one who saved it. The gospel is powerful, I desire to allow it to transform my everyday into something that changes this world for God's kingdom, I desire to allow it to transform me into something that looks like Jesus, I desire to share it with others and watch it transform their lives. I am grateful for the courage God has given me to chase after doing something that a year ago I would have thought crazy and impossible. I have been amazed at watching God provide. I am scared I will mess up, but I know that God moves in the weak things. I do not want to move from my own might but from God's unfailing strength. I do not want to counsel from my own knowledge but from God's wisdom. I do not want to live my life with dreams undone but with stories of God's faithfulness.

I am feeling so blessed and in awe of a God who knew from my first day of DTS what he had planned and knows from my first day of staff what he has planned for years to come.

Dare to not only dream, but courageously dive into the empty pool in full faith that God will provide the water to catch you.

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